The Autumn comes and the vineyard changes its color

Once the harvest is over, everything changes from one day to another and the vineyards turns to nuances of reds and browns.


We’ll relate you how yearly, the summers finishes, the harvest takes place and this beautiful season preceding Christmas begins. 



It’s a season of changes and adjustment. Firstly for ourselves, the summer is gone, good weather is over and we begin to wrap up ourselves to hit the streets. If you live in Ribera del Duero region, you know exactly what we are talking about. In this season, routines return. But what’s most important is that enjoy once more special wines, traditional during this season of the year.

One of the special features of this moment is how the color of the vineyards change. It turns from leafy and green, to nuances of browns, ochres, reds,  yellows… And we love it! Because it’s worth staring at the vineyards, feeling, and catching the moment, and no less significant, taking a picture bragging about the landscape.

But all this has a much simpler basis. The vineyard is made up of vines, and the vine it’s a deciduous plant, and therefore its leaves are about to fall. But until this moment they will change of color, or better said, they will stop having that greenish color as the plant stops to produce chlorophyll.

Good news is that we still can find a forgotten cluster from the harvest, whose grapes will have a very special sweetness as they are starting to dry and turn into raisins. Perhaps we might talk about that process in another time!

To sum up, these nuances and colors of the leaves begin to appear when the days become colder and shorter, the vine no longer produces chlorophyll, which is the component of the plant in charge of producing the photosynthesis.

Finally, leaves will fall… due to a separation layer of cells produced on the base of the stems, shutting the sap flow and generating the leaf scar. And with a little help of a breeze, they will fall.

The best of it, is that after all, everything starts again…

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