La Carmina (D. O. Rías Baixas)

La Carmina (D. O. Rías Baixas)


The harvest ended on October 2 without surprises, as assured by DO’s Regulatory Council. The 2020 harvest in the area concluded with about 34.5 million kilos of grapes harvested, 6.38% more than in the previous period. Its average yields were 8,420 kg of grapes per hectare.
Carmina comes from Condado de Tea sub-area, a place that represents 21% of the DO Rías Baixas production. Although the forecasts indicated a possible more abundant harvest, finally the bunches did not weigh as expected. Regarding to Albariño, whose vegetative cycle is shorter and matures earlier, it exceeded 33 million kilos.
As explained by the technical director of the Regulatory Council, Agustín Lago, “what is relevant is the optimal state of the grape upon its entry into the winery, also the fact that the weather accompanied it so that it could be harvested at the ideal time of maturation, as well as in an orderly and calm manner”. In fact, the technician also assures that the expectations for the wines have been good these months thanks to the initial musts with “aromatic intensity and balance”, that is, thanks to its balanced acidity with the graduation.

100% Albariño.

From the village of Arbo, on the northwest of Spain (Rias Baixas). Located above 950 m. From the sea level, with yields lower than 3.500 kg./ha. In the subzone of «county of tea».

We made a cold-soak of the grapes inside of the press, after lowering the temperature down to 8ºc, leaving a few hours for extracting aromas and afterwards we continue with a light press on an inert atmosphere, and the obtained juice is racked the following day. Then it ferments with control of temperature set at 13ºc.

Brilliant straw yellow. Clean in the nose and with noticeable tropical fruit aromas (pineapple and passion fruit), citrusy highlights, and with a hint of peppermint. Savory, fruity and fresh on the palate, well-balanced and with a dry finish. It displays a clean retronasal and evokes again aromas of fruits and herbs.

Rice dishes and paellas, specially indicated for seafood or vegetables, tempura, gyoza or tataki.