Our vineyards

Our vineyards

Our greatest asset. We put all our care, attention and devotion towards the vineyards. Everything begins with the selection of the best vineyards possible. Our teams seek for the ideal composition of soil for the vineyards and the best location in the region, distinguished by their limited fertility and good drainage. Always searching for excellence.

Idyllic lands

This vineyard provides the balance between soil and vine/plant to accentuate quality over quantity. Constraining the production volume, Bodegas Tamaral obtains richer and more concentrated grapes/fruits in substances, which translates into a good alcoholic levels, polyphenols, intensity and aromatic richness, significant factor for the essence of Tamaral wines.

Viticulture methods

• The planting layouts/density and frame to achieve the development of the root system of the vines.
• The vines are trained on a cordon trellising system to obtain to get a proper maturation and healing of the vines.
• Tamaral do not use residual or plant protection substances which alter the vegetative phases of the vineyard.

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