Tamaral Verdejo (Rueda)


The 40th harvest of DO Rueda ended on October 13, 2020 with a total of 112,765,436 kilos of grape. Tamaral Verdejo is part of the autochthonous variety that accounts for 87.07% of the total production, with 98,187,754 kilos last year. The campaign, which took place without setbacks, ended with the arrival of the grapes in optimal conditions.
The forecasts for this 2020 vintage have been excellent, as assured by Jesús Díez de Íscar, technical director of D.O. Rueda: “Wines with great aromatic intensity and with good structure on the palate are expected. The balance that we find between acidity and alcoholic degree promises wines with a greater longevity”. In fact, the grapes have been harvested according to the maturity indices of each plot, seeking the best balance between grade and acidity.

100% Verdejo. Mechanical night harvest.

From vineyards located in Nava del Rey, rueda at 700 meters ( 2.200 feet) above the sea level. Limestone and rocky soils.

Maceration from 4 to 5 hours of cold soak at a temperature of 9-10ºc. Continuing with a light press on an inert atmosphere, and the obtained juice is fermented with control of temperature set at 13ºc.

On a visual inspection, we find a straw yellow color with greenish nuances, stating its youth. The wine shows clean and brilliant.
Intense and expressive in the nose with floral aromas, stone fruits (apricot), tropical fruits (mango and papaya) and forest herbs, rich volume on the palate and good structure, with a bitter touch and well-balanced acidity.

White and blue fish, rice dishes, spanish paella, sushi and asiatic food, pasta, poultry, fresh unripen cheese and iberic ham.