Our History

Tamaral is a winery founded by De Santiago family in 1997. Located in Peñafiel, in the heart of Ribera de Duero´s golden mile. Tamaral has always belonged to the same family, unusual habit in the world of wine. Effort, work and passion are the essence of our wines since the first vintage which give them a unique and personal character.

Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission is not focused in quantity, but in quality and the excellence of all our wines. Our vision focuses on the control on the production process of each of our wines. Each step is carefully measured, from the vineyard to the customer. All our vineyards are owned by the property and located in the best areas of Ribera del Duero. Mission and vision are developed respecting the dream of the family and the team of professionals, young, passionate and committed to excellence.

The Appellation

Ribera del Duero is, without doubt, one of the most prestigious wine appellations in the world. It´s climate, it´s locations and it´s atmosphere provide our wines brilliant conditions for elaborating extraordinary wines. The heart of the region, Peñafiel, welcomes us. Centuries of history mixed with new airs of evolution.

Why we smell the cork after opening the bottle?

What information can we get smelling the cork? When it comes to enjoy a bottle of wine, we have to put attention to uncorking the bottle. As, even if it sounds awkward, one of the most sensible stages during the elaboration of wine; is the bottling process, and therefore its closure and cork. When someone […]

The Autumn comes and the vineyard changes its color

Once the harvest is over, everything changes from one day to another and the vineyards turns to nuances of reds and browns.   We’ll relate you how yearly, the summers finishes, the harvest takes place and this beautiful season preceding Christmas begins.      It’s a season of changes and adjustment. Firstly for ourselves, the [...]

The Origin

Anything always has a beginning. And in the case of wine, it isn’t different. But there are many theories about this origin. We are going back to the Neolithic Age… The wine was made for the first time during the Neolithic, other sources points out that is was accidentally. We will discuss about some of [...]