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Brand description

Primary and distinguished flavour. This is what La Catedral de Navarra preserves are like, as a result of a research effort aimed at maintaining intact the flavour, texture and freshness of the freshly harvested vegetables from the fruitful market gardens on the banks of the Ebro River in Navarre.

Located in Mendavia, a town protected by eleven Designations of Origin and Quality Seals, La Catedral de Navarra is the great commitment of the Sainz family, which has been in the vegetable preserves sector for more than 70 years, thanks to its firm commitment to quality and respect for natural products.

The secret of this gourmet preserve lies in the exhaustive control of each stage of the process. Thus, the best cultivation lands are chosen to then select the most special fruits, always in season and at their optimum ripeness, which are immediately taken to the plant to be subjected to a scrupulous process of completely manual elaboration. Each of the products is made according to traditional methods, with care and rigour, in order to preserve their characteristics to the maximum. The philosophy is clear: to produce a preserve that is as reminiscent as possible of the fresh product.

The most characteristic products of La Catedral de Navarra are the Asparagus from Navarra, the Piquillo Pepper from Lodosa and the Artichoke from Tudela, all of which have a Denomination of Origin. The catalogue of products, with almost a hundred references due to the wide diversity of existing formats, is completed with other typical products from the Navarrese market garden such as leeks, pear tomatoes, cardoon and stews. In recent years, special items have been added to this catalogue, such as the very delicate baby broad beans, which come from Andalusia, mushrooms and boletus of the edulis variety, or La Fabada de Casa Gerardo, a ready-to-eat dish made with Asturian products by the Morán family.

More than 70 years of experience guarantee the quality of La Catedral de Navarra, a firm that believes in selection and rigour, and that innovates day by day to turn the primary flavours of the Navarrese vegetable garden into delicatessen that satisfies the most select palates.

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